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Note: The distibuted leaflet contains an error: Thurday, the Presburger and Gödel Awards session starts at 2pm.

Monday, July 4th

Workshops’ day

Tuesday July 5th

Tuesday 8h30-9h35, Amphitheater 1A
Santosh Vempala, chaired by David Woodruff
The Manifold Joys of Sampling in High Dimension

Tuesday 10h00-12h05, Amphitheater 1A
Graph algorithms, chaired by Nikhil Bansal
10h00 Sebastian Forster and Tijn de Vos
Faster Cut Sparsification of Weighted Graphs
10h25 Tianyi Zhang
Faster Cut-Equivalent Trees in Simple Graphs
10h50 Mingyang Deng, Yael Kirkpatrick, Victor Rong, Virginia Vassilevska Williams, and Ziqian Zhong
New Additive Approximations for Shortest Paths and Cycles
11h15 Caroline Brosse, Vincent Limouzy, and Arnaud Mary
Polynomial Delay Algorithm for Minimal Chordal Completions
11h40 Konrad Majewski, Tomáš Masařík, Jana Novotná, Karolina Okrasa, Marcin Pilipczuk, Paweł Rzążewski, and Marek Sokołowski
Max Weight Independent Set in Graphs with no Long Claws: An Analog of the Gyárfás’ Path Argument

Tuesday 10h00-12h05, Amphitheater 4C
Games and verification, chaired by Sylvain Schmitz
10h00 Léonard Brice, Jean-Francois Raskin, and Marie Van Den Bogaard
The complexity of SPEs in Mean-payoff Games
10h25 Benjamin Bordais, Damien Busatto-Gaston, Shibashis Guha, and Jean-Francois Raskin
Strategy Synthesis for Global Window PCTL
10h50 Hugo Gimbert, Corto Mascle, Anca Muscholl, and Igor Walukiewicz
Distributed Controller Synthesis for Deadlock Avoidance
11h15 Xavier Allamigeon, Stephane Gaubert, Ricardo D. Katz, and Mateusz Skomra
Universal Complexity Bounds Based on Value Iteration and Application to Entropy Games
11h40 Nathalie Bertrand, Nicolas Markey, Ocan Sankur, and Nicolas Waldburger
Parameterized Safety Verification of Round-based Shared-memory Systems

Tuesday 10h00-12h05, Amphitheater 9E
Sketching and streaming, chaired by Frédéric Magniez
10h00 Aviad Rubinstein and Junyao Zhao
Maximizing Non-Monotone Submodular Functions over Small Subsets: Beyond 1/2-Approximation
10h25 Moran Feldman, Paul Liu, Ashkan Norouzi-Fard, Ola Svensson, and Rico Zenklusen
Streaming Submodular Maximization under Matroid Constraints
10h50 Artur Czumaj, Shaofeng H.-C. Jiang, Robert Krauthgamer, and Pavel Veselý
Streaming Algorithms for Geometric Steiner Forest
11h15 Moses Charikar and Erik Waingarten
Polylogarithmic Sketches for Clustering
11h40 Amit Deshpande and Rameshwar Pratap
One-pass Additive-error Subset Selection for $\ell_{p}$ Subspace approximation

Tuesday 10h00-12h05, Amphitheater 10E
Coding theory, chaired by Fabrizio Grandoni
10h00 Tal Yankovitz and Gil Cohen
LCC and LDC: Tailor-made Distance Amplification and a Refined Separation
10h25 Nicolas Resch and Chen Yuan
Threshold Rates of Code Ensembles: Linear is Best
10h50 Dean Doron and Mary Wootters
High-Probability List-Recovery, and Applications to Heavy Hitters
11h15 Ittai Rubinstein
Explicit and Efficient Construction of (nearly) Optimal Rate Codes for the Binary Deletion Channel and the Poisson Repeat Channel
11h40 Zhenjian Lu, Igor Oliveira, and Marius Zimand
Optimal Coding Theorems in Time-Bounded Kolmogorov Complexity


Tuesday 14h00-15h00, Amphitheater 1A
Leslie Ann Goldberg, chaired by David Woodruff
Some new (and old) Results on Contention Resolution

Tuesday 15h30-17h10, Amphitheater 1A
Quantum, chaired by Sevag Gharibian
15h30 Chi-Ning Chou, Peter Love, Jonathan Shi, and Juspreet Singh Sandhu
Limitations of Local Quantum Algorithms on Random MAX-k-XOR and Beyond
15h55 Penghui Yao, Yitong Yin, and Xinyuan Zhang
Polynomial-Time Approximation of Zero-Free Partition Functions
16h20 Jaikumar Radhakrishnan, Shyam Dhamapurkar, and Shubham Pawar
Set Membership with Two Classical and Quantum Bit Probes
16h45 Sourav Chakraborty, Chandrima Kayal, and Manaswi Paraashar
Separations between Combinatorial Measures for Transitive Functions

Tuesday 15h30-17h10, Amphitheater 4C
Computability and dynamical systems, chaired by Dmitry Chistikov
15h30 Djamel Eddine Amir and Mathieu Hoyrup
Computability of Finite Simplicial Complexes
15h55 Donald Stull
The Dimension Spectrum Conjecture for Planar Lines
16h20 Ville Salo and Ilkka Törmä
What can Oracles Teach us about the Ultimate Fate of Life?
16h45 Jakob Piribauer, Ocan Sankur, and Christel Baier
The Variance-penalized Stochastic Shortest Path Problem

Tuesday 15h30-17h10, Amphitheater 9E
Reconstruction problems, chaired by Aviad Rubinstein
15h30 Josep Diaz, Varsha Dani, Cristopher Moore, and Thomas HayesImproved
Reconstruction of Random Geometric Graphs
15h55 Andrew McGregor and Rik Sengupta
Graph Reconstruction from Random Subgraphs
16h20 Akash Kumar, Anand Louis, and Rameesh Paul
Exact Recovery Algorithm for Planted Bipartite Graph in Semi-random Graphs
16h45 Guy Blanc, Jane Lange, and Li-Yang Tan
Reconstructing Decision Trees

Tuesday 15h30-17h10, Amphitheater 10E
Game theory, networks, and distributed, chaired by Nikhil Bansal
15h30 William Kuszmaul and Shyam Narayanan
Optimal Time-Backlog Tradeoffs for the Variable-Processor Cup Game
15h55 Aaron Berger, William Kuszmaul, Adam Polak, Jonathan Tidor, and Nicole Wein
Memoryless Worker-Task Assignment with Polylogarithmic Switching Cost
16h20 Stavros Ioannidis, Bart de Keijzer, and Carmine Ventre
Strong Approximations and Irrationality in Financial Networks with Derivatives
16h45 Tobias Friedrich, Hans Gawendowicz, Pascal Lenzner, and Anna Melnichenko
Social Distancing Network Creation

Tuesday 18h00-22h00, Cocktail and exhibition opening

The cocktail happens:
. 12, rue de l’École de Médecine
. 75006 Paris
Groups will gather in the Esplanade Pierre-Vidal-Naquet next the the conference building, and from there staff members will lead them to the cocktail location.

A guided visit of the museum of medical history is organised on the site.

Wednesday July 6th

Wednesday 8h30-9h30, Amphitheater 1A,
Constantinos Daskalakis, chaired by Paul Goldberg
Equilibrium Computation, Deep Learning, and Multi-Agent (Reinforcement) Learning

Wednesday 10h00-12h05, Amphitheater 1A
Counting and sampling, chaired by Sevag Gharibian
10h00 Charilaos Efthymiou
On Sampling Symmetric Gibbs Distributions on Sparse Random Graphs and Hypergraphs.
10h25 Ivona Bezakova, Andreas Galanis, Leslie Goldberg, and Daniel Stefankovic
Fast sampling via Spectral Independence beyond Bounded-degree Graphs
10h50 Amin Coja-Oghlan, Andreas Galanis, Leslie Ann Goldberg, Jean Bernoulli Ravelomanana, Daniel Stefankovic, and Eric Vigoda
Metastability of the Potts Ferromagnet on Random Regular Graphs
11h15 Andreas Galanis, Daniel Stefankovic, and Eric Vigoda
Approximating Observables is as Hard as Counting
11h40 Guoliang Qiu, Yanheng Wang, and Chihao Zhang
A Perfect Sampler for Hypergraph Independent Sets

Wednesday 10h00-12h05, Amphitheater 4C
Transducers and automata, chaired by Nathalie Bertrand
10h00 Mika Göös, Stefan Kiefer, and Weiqiang Yuan
Lower Bounds for Unambiguous Automata via Communication Complexity
10h25 Antonio Casares, Thomas Colcombet, and Karoliina Lehtinen
On the Size of Good-for-games Rabin Automata and its Link with the Memory in Muller Games
10h50 Léo Exibard, Emmanuel Filiot, and Ayrat Khalimov
A Generic Solution to Register-bounded Synthesis With an Application to Discrete Orders
11h15 León Bohn and Christof Löding
Passive Learning of Deterministic Büchi Automata by Combinations of DFAs
11h40 Moses Ganardi, Rupak Majumdar, Andreas Pavlogiannis, Lia Schütze, and Georg Zetzsche
Reachability in Bidirected Pushdown VASS

Wednesday 10h00-12h05, Amphitheater 9E
Property testing, chaired by Ilan Newman
10h00 Arijit Ghosh, Gopinath Mishra, Rahul Raychaudhury, and Sayantan SenTolerant Bipartiteness Testing in Dense Graphs
10h25 Louis Esperet and Sergey Norin
Testability and Local Certification of Monotone Properties in Minor-closed Classes
10h50 Omri Ben-Eliezer, Shoham Letzter, and Erik Waingarten
Finding Monotone Patterns in Sublinear Time, Adaptively
11h15 Talya Eden, Dana Ron, and Will Rosenbaum
Almost Optimal Bounds for Sublinear-Time Sampling of $k$-Cliques in Bounded Arboricity Graphs
11h40 Karl Bringmann, Alejandro Cassis, Nick Fischer, and Vasileios Nakos
Improved Sublinear-Time Edit Distance for Preprocessed Strings

Wednesday 10h00-12h05, Amphitheater 10E
Dynamic algorithms and sensitivity oracles, chaired by Adrian Vladu
10h00 Josh Alman and Dean Hirsch
Parameterized Sensitivity Oracles and Dynamic Algorithms using Exterior Algebras
10h25 Surender Baswana, Koustav Bhanja, and Abhyuday Pandey
Minimum+1 (s,t)-cuts and Dual Edge Sensitivity Oracle
10h50 Davide Bilò, Keerti Choudhary, Sarel Cohen, Tobias Friedrich, and Martin Schirneck
Deterministic Sensitivity Oracles for Diameter, Eccentricities and All Pairs Distances
11h15 Aaron Bernstein, Jan van den Brand, Maximilian Probst, Danupon Nanongkai, Thatchaphol Saranurak, Aaron Sidford, and He Sun
Fully-Dynamic Graph Sparsifiers Against an Adaptive Adversary
11h40 Aleksander B. G. Christiansen and Eva Rotenberg
Fully-dynamic α + 2 Arboricity Decomposition and Implicit Colouring.


Wednesday 14h00-16h05, Amphitheater 1A
Best papers session, chaired by Mikołaj Bojańczyk and David Woodruff
14h00 Joakim Blikstad
Sublinear-round Parallel Matroid Intersection
14h25 Jakub Tětek
Approximate Triangle Counting via Sampling and Fast Matrix Multiplication
14h50 Gaëtan Douéneau-Tabot
Hiding Pebbles when the Output Alphabet is Unary
15h15 Ilan Newman and Nithin Varma
Strongly Sublinear Algorithms for Testing Pattern Freeness
15h40 Jakub Gajarský, Michał Pilipczuk, Wojciech Przybyszewski, and Szymon Toruńczyk
Twin-width and Types

Wednesday 16h45-17h30, Amphitheater 1
EATCS Award 2022, chaired by Jean-François Raskin
Patrick Cousot, Abstraction of Hybrid Semantics

Wednesday 17h30-19h30, Amphitheater 1A, EATCS general assembly

Award ceremony

  • ICALP Best Paper Awards
  • EATCS Distinguished Dissertation Award
  • Presburger Award \item EATCS Award
  • Gödel Prize

ICALP Business meeting

  • Report on EATCS activities
  • Appointments of new EATCS fellows
  • News about next ICALP
  • Report on ICALP 2022

Thursday July 2nd

Thursday 8h30-9h30, Amphitheater 1A
Albert Atserias, chaired by Anca Muscholl
Towards a Theory of Algorithmic Proof Complexity: Motivation and Directions

Thursday 10h00-12h05, Amphitheater 1A
Computational Geometry, chaired by Claire Mathieu
10h00 Arindam Khan, Aditya Lonkar, Arnab Maiti, Amatya Sharma, and Andreas WieseTight Approximation Algorithms for Two-dimensional Guillotine Strip Packing
10h25 Fedor Fomin, Petr Golovach, Tanmay Inamdar, and Meirav Zehavi
(Re)packing Equal Disks into Rectangle
10h50 Ziyun Huang and Jinhui XuIn-Range
Farthest Point Queries and Related Problem in High Dimensions
11h15 Jacobus Conradi and Anne Driemel
On Computing the k-Shortcut Fréchet Distance
11h40 Klaus Jansen, Arindam Khan, Marvin Lira, and K. V. N. Sreenivas
A PTAS for Packing Hypercubes into a Knapsack

Thursday 10h00-12h05, Amphitheater 4C
Parameterized complexity, chaired by Yixin Cao
10h00 Ramanujan M. Sridharan, Daniel Lokshtanov, and Fahad Panolan
Backdoor Sets on Nowhere Dense SAT
10h25 Bingkai Lin, Xuandi Ren, Yican Sun, and Xiuhan Wang
On Lower Bounds of Approximating Parameterized $k$-Clique
10h50 Ishay Haviv
A Fixed-Parameter Algorithm for the Kneser Problem
11h15 Clément Legrand-Duchesne, Ashutosh Rai, and Martin Tancer
Parameterized Complexity of Untangling Knots
11h40 Alexandra Lassota, Aleksander Łukasiewicz, and Adam Polak
Tight Vector Bin Packing with Few Small Items via Fast Exact Matching in Multigraphs

Thursday 10h00-12h05, Amphitheater 9E
Approximation algorithms, chaired by Robert Krauthgamer
10h00 Lin Chen, Xiaoyu Wu, and Guochuan Zhang
Approximation Algorithms for Interdiction Problem with Packing Constraints
10h25 Karl Bringmann and Alejandro Cassis
Faster Knapsack Algorithms via Bounded Monotone Min-Plus-Convolution
10h50 Nikhil Ayyadevara, Rajni Dabas, Arindam Khan, and K. V. N. Sreenivas
Near-optimal Algorithms for Stochastic Online Bin Packing
11h15 Amir Abboud, Vincent Cohen-Addad, Euiwoong Lee, and Pasin Manurangsi
Improved Approximation Algorithms and Lower Bounds for Search-Diversification Problems
11h40 Claire Mathieu and Hang Zhou
A PTAS for Capacitated Vehicle Routing on Trees

Thursday 10h00-12h05, Amphitheater 10E
Optimization, chaired by Adrian Vladu
10h00 Shunhua Jiang, Bento Natura, and Omri Weinstein
A Faster Interior-Point Method for Sum-of-Squares Optimization
10h25 Ming Ding, Rasmus Kyng, and Peng Zhang
Two-Commodity Flow is Equivalent to Linear Programming under Nearly-Linear Time Reductions
10h50 Marcin Briański, Martin Koutecký, Daniel Kráľ, Kristýna Pekárková, and Felix Schröder
Characterization of Matrices with Bounded Graver Bases and Depth Parameters and Applications to Integer Programming
11h15 Ming Ding, Rasmus Kyng, Maximilian Probst Gutenberg, and Peng Zhang
Hardness Results for Laplacians of Simplicial Complexes via Sparse-Linear Equation Complete Gadgets
11h40 Mitchell Black and Amir Nayyeri
Hodge Decomposition and General Laplacian Solvers for Embedded Simplicial Complexes


Thursday 14h00-15h20, Amphitheater 1A
Presburger Award and Gödel Prize 2022
14h00 Dor Minzer, chaired by Mikołaj Bojańczyk
Recent advances in PCP and Boolean functions
14h25 Zvika Brakerski, Craig Gentry, and Vinod Vaikuntanathan, chaired by Anca Muscholl
FHE and LWE, work together quite efficiently…

Thursday 16h00-17h40, Amphitheater 1A
Homomorphisms, chaired by Leslie Ann Goldberg
16h00 Martin Grohe, Gaurav Rattan, and Tim Seppelt
Homomorphism Tensors and Linear Equations
16h25 Sandra Kiefer and Daniel Neuen
A Study of Weisfeiler-Leman Colorings on Planar Graphs
16h50 Robert Ganian, Thekla Hamm, Viktoriia Korchemna, Karolina Okrasa, and Kirill Simonov
The Fine-Grained Complexity of Graph Homomorphism Parameterized by Clique-Width
17h15 Balagopal Komarath, Anurag Pandey, and C. S. Rahul
Monotone Arithmetic Complexity of Graph Homomorphism Polynomials

Thursday 16h00-17h40, Amphitheater 4C
Process calculi and types, chaired by Paul-André Melliès
16h00 David Barozzini, Paweł Parys, and Jan Wróblewski
Unboundedness for Recursion Schemes: A Simpler Type System
16h25 Enguerrand Prebet
Functions and References in the pi-Calculus: Full Abstraction and Proof Techniques
16h50 Todd Schmid, Wojciech Rozowski, Alexandra Silva, and Jurriaan Rot
Processes Parametrised by an Algebraic Theory

Thursday 16h00-17h40, Amphitheater 9E
Learning theory, fairness, and privacy, chaired by Sylvain Perifel
16h00 Jan Pich and Rahul Santhanam
Learning Algorithms versus Automatability of Frege Systems
16h25 Nathaniel Harms and Yuichi Yoshida
Downsampling for Testing and Learning in Product Distributions
16h50 Niclas Boehmer and Tomohiro Koana
The Complexity of Finding Fair Many-to-One Matchings
17h15 Jeremiah Blocki, Elena Grigorescu, and Tamalika Mukherjee
Privately Estimating Graph Parameters in Sublinear time

Thursday 16h00-17h40, Amphitheater 10E
Randomness in computation, chaired by Frédéric Magniez
16h00 Omar Alrabiah, Eshan Chattopadhyay, Jesse Goodman, Xin Li, and João Ribeiro
Low-Degree Polynomials Extract from Local Sources
16h25 Shir Peleg, Gil Cohen, Dor Minzer, Aaron Potechin, and Amnon Ta-ShmaExpander Random Walks: The General Case and Limitations
16h50 Nikhil Bansal, Haotian Jiang, Raghu Meka, Sahil Singla, and Makrand Sinha
Smoothed Analysis of the Koml’os Conjecture
17h15 Jakob Bæk Tejs Houen and Mikkel ThorupUnderstanding the Moments of Tabulation Hashing via Chaoses

Thursday 19h30-22h30, Conference dinner
Groups will gather in the Esplanade Vidal-Naquet, next to the conference location, and staff members will lead them to the restaurant location:
Le Train Bleu
first floor of « Gare de Lyon » train station
Place Louis Armand
75012 Paris

Friday July 8th

Friday 8h30-9h30, Amphitheater 1A
Madhu Sudan, chaired by Artur Czumaj
Streaming and Sketching Complexity of CSPs: A survey

Friday 10h00-12h05, Amphitheater 1A
Data structures, sorting, and string processing
, chaired by David Woodruff
10h00 Elahe Ghasemi, Vincent Jugé, and Ghazal Khalighinejad
Galloping in Fast-growth Natural Merge Sorts
10h25 Takaaki Nishimoto, Shunsuke Kanda, and Yasuo Tabei
An Optimal-Time RLBWT Construction in BWT-runs Bounded Space
10h50 Arnab Ganguly, Rahul Shah, and Sharma V. Thankachan
Fully Functional Parameterized Suffix Trees in Compact Space
11h15 Debarati Das, Tomasz Kociumaka, and Barna Saha
Improved Approximation Algorithms for Dyck Edit Distance and RNA Folding
11h40 Pawel Gawrychowski and Karol Pokorski
Sublinear Dynamic Interval Scheduling (on one or multiple machines)

Friday 10h00-12h05, Amphitheater 4C
Graphs and complexity, chaired by Albert Atserias
10h00 Samir Datta, Chetan Gupta, Rahul Jain, Anish Mukherjee, Vimal Raj Sharma, and Raghunath Tewari
Dynamic Meta-theorems for Distance and Matching
10h25 Amina Doumane
Regular Expressions for Tree-Width 2 Graphs
10h50 Tamio-Vesa Nakajima and Stanislav Živný
Linearly Ordered Colourings of Hypergraphs
11h15 Niel De Beaudrap, Aleks Kissinger, and John van de Wetering
Circuit Extraction for ZX-diagrams can be #P-hard
11h40 Pawel Idziak, Piotr Kawałek, Jacek Krzaczkowski, and Armin Weiß
Satisfiability Problems for Finite Groups

Friday 10h00-12h05, Amphitheater 9E
Graph distances and fault tolerance
, chaired by Yixin Cao
10h00 Shimon Kogan and Merav Parter
Beating Matrix Multiplication for $n^{1/3}$-Directed Shortcuts
10h25 Michał Pilipczuk, Nicole Schirrmacher, Sebastian Siebertz, Szymon Toruńczyk, and Alexandre Vigny
Algorithms and Data Structures for First-order Logic with Connectivity under Vertex Failures
10h50 Chao Liao, Qingyun Chen, Bundit Laekhanukit, and Yuhao Zhang
Almost Tight Approximation Hardness for Single-Source Directed k-Edge-Connectivity
11h15 Parinya Chalermsook, Chien-Chung Huang, Danupon Nanongkai, Thatchaphol Saranurak, Pattara Sukprasert, and Sorrachai Yingchareonthawornchai
Approximating k-Edge-Connected Spanning Subgraphs via a Near-Linear Time LP Solver

Friday 10h00-12h05, Amphitheater 10E
Complexity, chaired by Frédéric Magniez
10h00 Karl Bringmann, Alejandro Cassis, Nick Fischer, and Marvin Künnemann
A Structural Investigation of the Approximability of Polynomial-Time Problems
10h25 Theodoros Papamakarios and Alexander Razborov
Space Characterizations of Complexity Measures and Size-space Trade-offs in Propositional Proof Systems
10h50 Amulya Musipatla, Ryan O’Donnell, Tselil Schramm, and Xinyu Wu
The SDP Value of Random 2CSPs
11h15 Luyining Gan and Jie Han
The Decision Problem for Perfect Matchings in Dense Hypergraphs
11h40 David Caballero, Timothy Gomez, Robert Schweller, and Tim Wylie
Unique Assembly Verification in Two-Handed Self-Assembly


Friday 14h00-15h00, Amphitheater 1A
Stéphan Thomassé
, chaired by Mikołaj Bojańczyk
A brief tour in twin-width

Friday 15h30-16h20, Amphitheater 1A
Online algorithms, chaired by Adrian Vladu
15h30 Yossi Azar, Chay Machluf, Boaz Patt-Shamir, and Noam Touitou
Competitive Vertex Recoloring
15h55 Ryder Chen, Jahanvi Khatkar, and Seeun William Umboh
Online Weighted Cardinality Joint Replenishment Problem with Delay
11h40 Diptarka Chakraborty, Kushagra Chatterjee, and Keerti Choudhary
Pairwise Reachability Oracles and Preservers under Failures

Friday 15h30-16h45, Amphitheater 4C
Decremental algorithms
,chaired by Yixin Cao
15h30 Jakub Łącki and Yasamin Nazari
Near-Optimal Decremental Hopsets with Applications
15h55 Arun Jambulapati, Yujia Jin, Aaron Sidford, and Kevin Tian
Regularized Box-Simplex Games and Dynamic Decremental Bipartite Matching
16h20 Sepehr Assadi, Aaron Bernstein, and Aditi Dudeja
Decremental Matching in General Graphs

Friday 15h30-16h45, Amphitheater 9E
, chaired by Geoffroy Couteau
15h30 Zvika Brakerski, Nico Döttling, Sanjam Garg, and Giulio Malavolta
Factoring and Pairings are not Necessary for iO: Circular-Secure LWE Suffices
15h55 Shweta Agrawal, Damien Stehle, and Anshu Yadav
Round-Optimal Lattice-Based Threshold Signatures, Revisited
16h20 Justin Holmgren, Andrea Lincoln, and Ron Rothblum
Delegation for Search Problems

Friday 15h30-16h45, Amphitheater 10E
Counting and complexity, chaired by Sylvain Perifel
15h30 Surya Mathialagan, Virginia Vassilevska Williams, and Yinzhan Xu
Listing, Verifying and Counting Lowest Common Ancestors in DAGs: Algorithms and Fine-Grained Lower Bounds
15h55 Calvin Beideman, Karthekeyan Chandrasekaran, and Weihang Wang
Counting and Enumerating Optimum Cut Sets for Hypergraph $k$-partitioning problems for fixed $k$
16h20 Pierre Bergé, Édouard Bonnet, and Hugues Déprés
Deciding Twin-width at most 4 is NP-complete


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